1 Day Aruku

1 Day Aruku Local Sightseeing Trip

Best known as South India’s gourmet destination, the Arak Valley enchants visitors with its vibrant sights and favorable climate. Hairpin turns and breathtaking natural treasures attract many tourists. Navigating winding roads surrounded by jagged peaks is an exhilarating experience in itself.

A promising and charismatic hill station, Arak has roaring waterfalls, exciting caves and relaxing gardens. It’s a wonderful trip to see dramatic mountains and breathtaking views. This enchanting valley attracts many tourists, especially from November to February.

Bolla Cave is he one of the major landmarks of popular holiday destinations near Arak. Adventure lovers will be delighted to visit the underground landscapes said to have been visited by Lord Rama, Lord Sita and Lord Lakshmana during his 14-year exile. He, considered one of the deepest caves in the country, also has Shiva Lingam.


Places You Will Visit

Padmapuram Gardens

Tribal Museum

Coffee Museum

Borra Caves

Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation

Tyda Jungle Bells

Galikonda View Point